Discover in this page our best places to eat in Tel Aviv :

Tel Aviv offers some of the most wonderful food from the entire world. Whether you’d like to sit on the beachfront with a 3 course meal, or order some authentic street food to take back to your luxury hotel, there are plenty of restaurants to choose from.

Here’s a list of some of the best ‘must-try food spots’ to help you decide where to eat tonight in Tel Aviv.


Discover Nahalat Benyamin Street

Cheap (£10 or less)


HaKosem is an authentic Israeli restaurant, offering a range of shawarma and Falafel for very affordable prices. You can see their menu here:


A Venezeulan street food shack in central Florentin, Arepa’s offers incredible South American cuisine. Their menu is gluten free, so there is something on offer for everyone.

Bar Ochel

In the middle of the Carmel Market, Bar Ochel offers a wide range of fresh food to cater to any taste. With a range of authentic Israeli pub grub, you can sit back and enjoy a meal amongst the ever changing Carmel atmosphere.

24 Rupees

Recognised as one of the best Indian restaurants in southern Tel Aviv, 24 Rupees is definitely a must-see place this summer. Their all-vegetarian menu is incredible – you can check them out here:

Medium (£20-£34.99)


Mashya is a beautiful fine dining restaurant located near the sea front of Frishman Beach. A mid-priced menu offers a variety of fresh food for any time of the day:

Hudson Restaurant

Hudson restaurant specialises in steak. If you’re seeking home comfort, their american-style steakhouse menu offers burgers, sandwiches, and ‘classic dishes with a twist’.

Salva Vida

An incredible seafood restaurant overlooking bograshov beach, Salva Vida has a unique and inviting atmosphere, and an incredibly talented head chef. Read more here:


Zepra is a lovely sushi restaurant and asian kitchen. If you’re looking for a meal out, you can find traditional and healthy authentic asian dishes.

Expensive (£35+)


Aria is a fine dining restaurant in the heart of Kuli Alma. A beautiful restaurant with a range of entrees, mains and deserts, Aria is a go to for all foodies coming to Tel Aviv this summer:


‘The Fire Kitchen’ Topolopompo is an inspired asian restaurant. Offering a full range of enticing mains and sides, this one of a kind restaurant is bound to have something for you:


Style is built into the walls at Claro;. The vibrant and energetic restaurant is always busy as the talented and respected chefs work on their fusion meals of mediteranian and european food.;aggregationId=&albumid=&filter=2&ff=409396398


Toto is a gourmet a la carte restaurant in museum tower. An exciting place with a massive range selection of both hot and cold food, Toto is one place you need to try this summer.