Abraham Accords visit israel with an Emirati passport
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Can I visit Israel with an Emirati passport?

Great news for both Israeli and Emirati tourists: The Israel- United Arab Emirates normalization agreement (also called: The Abraham Accords) was signed in September 2020, marked the first public normalization of relations between the United Arab Emirates and Israel! Besides fields such as trade, education, healthcare, and security- the cooperation... Continue reading
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Tel-Aviv’s Most Beautiful Apartments

Imagine a picturesque residential quarter with a fascinating history and unique architecture, offering high quality lifestyle. All this you can find in the beautiful Nachalat Binyamin. Even today, Nachalat Binyamin continues to be an artistic center. The artists fair in Nachalat Binyamin is the oldest and largest of its kind in Israel. Within the dozens of booths in the fair, it is possible to find original... Continue reading