Can I visit Israel with an Emirati passport?

Abraham Accords visit israel with an Emirati passport
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Great news for both Israeli and Emirati tourists: The Israel- United Arab Emirates normalization agreement (also called: The Abraham Accords) was signed in September 2020, marked the first public normalization of relations between the United Arab Emirates and Israel!

Besides fields such as trade, education, healthcare, and security- the cooperation between the two countries includes embassies and ambassadors exchange. We also can’t ignore the exciting news for the Tourism industry and tourists in both countries: today, with a UAE passport you can travel to Israel!

Do I need a visa to enter Israel?

From July 2021, United Arab Emirates passport holders do not require a tourist visa for Israel- for a maximum stay of 3 months.

We strongly recommend contacting the brand new Israeli embassy in the United Arab Emirates, operating in Dubai, for further information regarding visas to Israel.

Flight Duration from Dubai to Tel-Aviv is Less Than 3.5 Hours!

To enjoy your perfect holiday, you don’t need to travel too far! The distance between Dubai and Tel-Aviv is approximately 2,200 kilometers- and several Israeli and Emirati airlines operate direct flights!

Depends on your budget and personal preferences, you can fly from Dubai International Airport to Ben-Gurion International Airport with FlyDubai, Israir, Arkia, EL AL, or Etihad Airways! The total flight duration is less than 3.5 hours.

The beautiful city of Tel-Aviv is only 20 minutes drive from Ben-Gurion International Airport, and you can easily reach it by taxi or train.

Marhaba, Shalom, and Welcome to Tel-Aviv!

Now, when you know the important information, it is time to have fun! No matter what is your purpose of visit, fields of interests, beliefs, or personality- You are about to find what you are looking for in Tel-Aviv, and even more!

Without a doubt, Tel-Aviv is the most vibrant city in Israel- and one of the most vibrant cities in the world! The city’s unique rhythm, perfect location by the Mediterranean, rich cuisine, and historical buildings- all combined to the ultimate experience, you definitely would not want to miss!

Tel-Aviv is centrally located, right at the center of Israel. From Tel-Aviv, you can easily access anywhere in the country!  If you would like to go sightseeing in Jerusalem for example (and we are sure you would!), the entire journey with the fast train is only 30 minutes.

Visiting Tel-Aviv? Come Stay with Us- House of Palm

Finally, as you know, the ultimate accommodation is a part of every dream holiday. The House of Palm offers authentic boutique apartments in the heart of the city. We will be honored to host you in any of our cozy apartments, located in a historical building, right by Kerem Hateimanim and Rothschild Boulevard. For more information or further questions, please check out our website.

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