It all started in the beginning of the previous century. When the “Achuzat Bait” (“home estate”) was established, from which sprung the city of Tel Aviv, there remained a very few craftsmen and tradesmen who weren’t able to join the group for financial reasons. Therefore, they decided to bond together 1n an independent society and build, in their own hands, a home for their families on the sand dunes. In this way each of them would be able to build his home in his preferred style. Each and his own dream house.

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Fascinating Tel Aviv architecture

In the pedestrian street

Intended for preservation, wealthy people built luxurious homes with spacious interiors for rent. The areas of Nachalat Binyamin intended for preservation were built under the influences of Art Nouveau and Art-Deco.

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Restaurants and bars

We are very pleased to offer our guests the best location in Tel Aviv, where they will find all they need in terms of restaurants, bars, museums and many others cultural activities, either they coming for leisure or business purposes.
We recommend the tasty Agadir Burger or the Yonita Restaurant 

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Architect Alexander Levi

Architect Alexander Levi

External tile from “Beit Abrahamson” witch was designed by the architect Alexander Levi (Nachalat Benyamin street)