If you’re looking for cafes, restaurants, shopping, business, architecture, jogging, walking or to just sit calmly and watch people living their life, then that’s the place for you! You can find it all, and more in Rothschild boulevard.

The Rothschild boulevard is a very major and historic avenue in the center of Tel Aviv.

Being the first avenue in Tel Aviv, and one of the first streets in the city, Rothschild holds a lot of history and memories of modern day Israel.

Rothschild boulevard History

The avenue was found in 1910, at the beginning of the establishment of the city of Tel Aviv. It was built from the south to the north.

The idea was to make a fancy boulevard in Tel Aviv, to resemble those of the biggest cities in the world.

The boulevard was named after Edmond de Rothschild, a very important figure that supported the zionists settlers in late 19th century and beginning of the 20th.

The people worked hard to plant trees in the dry area (which was full of sand back then) and give life to what will become the center of business and culture of Tel Aviv.

Lots of important people (amongst them were Churchill and Rothschild himself) visited the place when the construction was done.

In 1948, Israel’s independence was declared from Dizengoff house that’s located on the avenue.

What can you find in Rothschild Avenue?

Wow, there’s so much to see here!

Food, chill and relaxation, architecture, history and culture and much more!

Food in Rothschild Avenue 

The central part of the boulevard is busier than the northern and the southern, and the first thing you will notice there is the huge amount of cafes and restaurants! and there’s so many of them!

Be it traditional Israeli cuisine, Middle Eastern, Asian, Italian, fast food, vegan, healthy, you name it! Rothschild avenue has it all.

Tel Aviv Rothschild Avenue Architecture

Tel Aviv’s white city is a UNESCO world heritage site because of the Bauhaus style, and Rothschild is one of the most known places of it, consisting a lot of buildings in this style that gives a modern atmosphere of the 1920s and 30s.

But in recent years, tall buildings and skyscrapers started to appear in the avenue, for there’s a demand for business and tourism solutions.

Rothschild is a real microcosmos of the last 100 years architecture.

Relaxation in Tel Aviv

It may sound controversial, but Rothschild avenue has an interesting chill aspect. There’s a wide promenade for walking, cycling and scooters, between 2 busy roads.

How’s that possible?

One of the other things you may notice in Rothschild is that there are a lot of trees here, which give shady areas throughout the whole promenade, and it’s also full of benches.

Even at busy times, there’s almost always a place to sit under the shade of a tree.

Somehow, even though it’s one of the busiest places in Tel Aviv, when you take a slow walk or sit, all of a sudden there’s a nice calming feeling.

Also, you may take a little walk to the northern or southern part, where it’s less busier (and the northern is also greener!).

The sight of people that sit and relax, while eating their meal or reading a book, is common here.

Historical and cultural points

One of the most iconic streets in Tel Aviv (and Israel) has some nice historical moments and places.

In the crossing point with Hertzel street, stands the first kiosk of Tel Aviv! (though it was destroyed in 1989 and rebuild in 2004)

The 16 Rothschild house, also known as Dizengoff House, was the place where David Ben Gurion announced the independence of Israel. The house is still preserved until today.

In Rothschild 23, there’s the Hagana museum, that tells the story of the organisation that later became the IDF.

The Founders’ Monument – located at the center of the boulevard in the shape of a pool and a statue with the names of the founders.

The Bima – Located at the northest point of the avenue. The Bima is the national theatre of Israel and one of the most important cultural points.

As you can see, the Rothschild avenue is a very central place in Tel aviv. As such, there are a lot of hotels in the avenue and in the streets nearby as Nachalat Benyamin Avenue, the House of Palm is one of them.

Take your time, explore the area and what it has to offer, taste the different cuisines, see the iconic architecture and maybe have a time for yourself with a book:)









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