After a long day of basking underneath the sun, the nightlife of Tel Aviv starts to creep in. A city that really never does sleep, the streets are crawling with party-goers, foodies, runners and sight-seers all looking for the perfect way to end their day.

With so many different places to see and an abundance of things to enjoy, we’ve made a list of 7 must-do activities in Tel Aviv this summer!

Tel Aviv’s Bars

Bustling bars decorate the streets in Tel Aviv. A buzzing atmosphere spills from out of the doors of the many pubs across the city, each offering a unique and pleasant experience.

Beer lovers will be spoilt for choice at the Dancing Camel, a wonderful brewery and bar, but if you’d prefer a margherita you might be more at home at the Imperial Cocktail Bar.

It doesn’t matter what you drink; Tel Aviv will have something for you.

Beaches in Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv Beach
Tel Aviv Beach

Perhaps you’re more a fan of the quiet nights, watching the beautiful sun cast dancing lights across the waves as it sets into Mediterranian Sea.

You can get cozy underneath the darkening skyline, enjoying the quiet warmth of the evening air. Of course, the non stop city also offers some incredible beach party experiences too…

Parties in Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv is a party city in every sense. The nights carry on through to the early hours, with plenty of choice for where to go.

It’s usually a late start in Tel Aviv, with most clubs not opening until around 10pm – don’t let this put you off though, as the beach parties and clubs are not to be missed!

Live Music and concert in Tel Aviv 

Music is woven into the streets that breathe life into the White City, with cafes and bars that encourage and attract a variety of incredible musical acts.

Watch a beautiful acoustic duo play in a smoky, crowded cafe, or head to a local bar to watch a high energy band tear up the stage. Either way, you’ll have an amazing time.

Tel Aviv a city of Fitness 

Days in Tel Aviv can get very hot. Whilst this can be perfect for calm days lounging on a beach, it can make your fitness routine a little tricky.

The beautiful Tel Aviv streets offer so much to see. After the sun sets and the evenings cool down, you can take advantage of the quieter time to go for a peaceful stroll.

Eat Out in Tel Aviv

What holiday is complete without going out for dinner? Luckily, Tel Aviv is a hotspot of delicious foods. Restaurants cater for every taste, but if you’d prefer something unique and authentic, the street food vendors offer delicious local delicacies.

Foodies will love Tel Aviv, and the abundance of choice will keep you coming back for more.

Best Places to eat in Tel Aviv

Carmel Market

Carmel Market is a staple of what Tel Aviv has become known for: an inviting cultural hotspot with a rich history to share. Different sellers offer an array of goods, from handcrafted artwork to the freshest fruit and veg. It’s a stimulating experience to entertain every one of your senses!

You’ll have to go early though – whilst Carmel Market shuts around 7pm, it opens in the early morning hours, so you can still enjoy it before the sun comes up.

Discover the Carmel Market