Where can you find a mid-term rental in Tel Aviv?

mid-term in Tel Aviv
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Medium-term rentals (or mid-term rentals, as we like to call them) are a very unique way of traveling, allowing us to enjoy the best accommodation and a local way of living at the same time!

Mid-term rentals residential leases are longer than one month but shorter than a year by definition.

If you have the time for a long holiday, or at least longer than usual, and you are considering Tel-Aviv as the ultimate destination- That’s a good choice! Mid-term rentals are becoming more and more popular in the city that never sleeps, and here is where you can find them:

Southern Tel-Aviv: Florentin and Neve Tzedek

Neve Tzedek is the oldest neighborhood in Tel-Aviv. To be more accurate, Neve Tzedek was established over 20 years before the city of Tel-Aviv! The individual buildings, cafes, galleries, and boutiques you can find in Neve Tzedek all have their charm. Accommodation, just like the neighborhood itself has a relaxed bohemian vibe.

Another great option in southern Tel-Aviv is the trendy neighborhood of Florentin! Street art, restaurants, and nightlife, in addition to the refreshing urban vibe of Florentin, make it a great choice for a pleasant stay.

The Old North and Dizengoff street

Dizengoff Street is an iconic street with cafes and bars, restaurants, boutiques, and more! Dizengoff Street is approximately 3 kilometers long, connecting Tel Aviv Port in the north to Habima Theater in the south. Boutique hotels and holiday apartments for both short and mid-term stays can be easily found on Dizengoff street and guarantee a great urban experience.

The entire Old North district includes the city’s lovely beaches, Yarkon Park, Tel-Aviv Port, and many cultural centers, attractions, and entertainment sites.

Our Personal Favorite- The Heart of the City

The heart of the city (in Hebrew: Lev Ha’ir) just like its name- it is right where everything happens! The beach is within a walking distance, tasty street food, a great market that offers local experience- the Carmel Market, architecture, and above all truly unique atmosphere!

If you are looking for mid-term rentals in a perfect location, we will be honored if you choose to stay with us, at the House of Palm! We invite you to enjoy our Tel-Aviv apartments, right in the heart of the city, Lev Ha’ir district. Our apartments are fully furnished and fully equipped with everything you need, and our staff members are always willing to help and direct you to the experience you are looking for- in the city or anywhere in Israel!

We offer our high standards serviced apartments at exclusive and attractive prices for mid-term rental in Tel-Aviv. For further information, please feel free to contact us at any time.

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