Interesting For company Business meeting hosting in tel aviv ?

Are you looking for a suitable hotel for your company meetings? You have come to the right place! House of Palm is your reliable partner in organizing business events. We have apartments and rooms fully equipped for the success of your events and a dedicated team that will provide you with all the necessary organizational support. The most important asset of House of Palm is represented by our dedicated team, responsive and attentive to all details, which promptly and professionally provides you with all the necessary organizational support for your business development meetings. We can also provide you with a meeting room if requested before reservation, so that you can hold your events at our hotel. If you already have another location for your company’s events, the location of the House of Palm facilitates the quick transportation of the entire team. The building is located right in the heart of Tel Aviv, which guarantees easy transportation to different parts of the city. Are you still not convinced that the hotel is ideal for your company? We will present you some reasons to prove that we are the perfect choice for your business, and for your team to have an accommodation with positive results.

1. Special offers

Hotels often offer special prices, for example on the weekend or during the week. House of Palm can offer you special offers depending on the number of people staying or your needs. Regardless of what you are looking for to organize events within your company, our hotel will strictly respect every detail so that everything goes as smoothly as possible.

2. Location

Location is an extremely important detail when choosing a hotel. The location of our hotel offers you a series of unforgettable tourist attractions, in the heart of Tel Aviv, which is 10 minutes from the beach. For a business trip, you will want for you and your team to be close to the location where the business meeting will take place. After all, time is precious and you don’t want to lose it on the way between the hotel and the event location. It can be perfect for a mini vacation as a bonus for your business team. Or if you want to impress your partners and thank them for their support in the company, you can accommodate them here where they are close to many tourist attractions, and they can arrive in time to the location where the business meetings will be held. Famous attractions near the hotel include Banana and Jerusalem beaches, as well as the unique craft market in Nahalat Binyamin, which takes place twice a week and is perfect for your guests. Ben Gurion Airport is the nearest airport, at about 23 km from House of Palm.

3. Services offered

From the rooms, to the service, to the internet speed, a hotel must be prepared to offer you the best possible stay. A hotel is a home away from home, and whether it’s a business trip or a vacation, you need to feel comfortable and relaxed. A luxury hotel with exceptional services will surely provide you with an unforgettable experience from all points of view. We can prepare a meeting room for you to be much more comfortable for your team, but also for you. You just have to notify us before making an appointment, so that our employees can prepare the location in the smallest detail.

4. Permanent cleaning

At House of Palm you and your business members or partners will always enjoy clean rooms and freshly laundered linens. Towels and bed linen are changed regularly, so that everything is impeccable. The whole team will definitely feel spoiled and comfortable thanks to our top conditions.

5. Modern rooms

Every guest of the hotel must benefit from modern, airy and pleasantly arranged rooms during business stays. House of Palm is the right choice for your company meetings, and awaits you with 19 luxurious rooms, with modern furniture, and arranged in a pleasant way that combines comfort with the uniqueness of the place. Each accommodation unit is equipped with a kitchen, fridge and microwave oven, flat screen TV and satellite channels to stay up to date with the latest news, facilities to keep your clothes clean and ironed, wardrobe and seating area with a sofa. Guests have a fully equipped private bathroom with a shower and a hairdryer.

6. Comments left by visitors

Visitors’ opinions can differ significantly from each other, but at the same time, they contain essential information that can determine potential guests to choose a certain hotel or not. Our reviews on the various specialized websites are advantageous, and express the pleasant experiences they had in House of Palm. Your company’s team deserves the best, so based on our reviews, we are perfect to take care of their accommodation during meetings. For example, the hotel received a score of 9.7 for a stay of two people, which is a very satisfactory score. We convinced you that House of Palm is perfect for your company meetings? Now you just have to let us know in which period you want to reserve the rooms for your team or business partners, to check the availability of them and to prepare the meeting room in case you want access to it. The hotel is prepared to receive as many guests as possible, and they will feel very good, and will have the opportunity to relax at the end of the day, either on the beach or on the authentic streets of Tel Aviv. It is very important that the members of the company who participate in different meetings are rested and ready to accumulate new information, so that your business benefits from positive results. At the end of the business events, your company will stand to gain, and your team members will spend quality time in a gorgeous city like Tel Aviv. Your partners will be satisfied with the work done, and maybe you will have the opportunity to find new partners or opportunities for business development, thanks to the business events that will take place in the future in Tel Aviv, and in which you and your team can participate.